Welcome to the 2015 Clayton Rotary Club Derby Day Gala

May 2, 2015 will mark the fourth running of Derby Day and the first in the new "Gala" format. Join old friends and make new friends while watching the Derby, followed by dinner, a program and dancing the night away, all hosted by Master of Ceremonies, WRAL News Anchor, Gerald Owens. It's still all about fun, fashion, food, friends and funding an important cause in an atmosphere reflecting the spirit of a great American Tradition, the Kentucky Derby!

The admission price for the Gala is $100 per person through April 15th and $125 per person thereafter. This is the same as prior years Jockey Club admission. The Jockey Club was the most in demand venue at prior Derby Days and served as the starting point for planning this year's Gala. Please click the following link to download a flyer with the details: 2015 Derby Day Gala Details & Schedule

We wish to extend our thanks in advance to those of you that commit to attend the Derby Day Gala and for the financial support your contibution will provide to the Primary Recipient of monies from this year's event, the Johnston County Alzheimer's Music and Memory Project! Because of your support and generosity last year, the Clayton Rotary Club was able to make a $5,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Home of North Carolina. You made it happen and we look forward to you helping us make it happen again this year!
Music and Memory Therapy is based upon a very simple premise. By taking an iPod loaded with a music library personalized to the person with Alzheimer's and having them listen to that music it can unlock memories in their mind. You see music is not centrally stored in our brains like the senses of site, hearing, touch etc. The places in the brain where music is stored are some of the last places Alzheimer's affects the brain. Because of this when the person listens to music they know and love it stimulates the memories stored there also. Because the person can reconnect with those memories they also are able to become more verbal, social and reconnect with the outside world. To watch this is like seeing a switch being turned on that brings the person back to life. It is simply amazing. The best example is the following video of Henry.

The goal of the Johnston County Alzheimer's Music and Memory Project is to make Music and Memory Therapy available to all people with Alzheimer's in Johnston County. Come join us on May 2nd!